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Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

The Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Advertising Debate by Sunshine Coast SEO 

The debate of  vs traditional advertising is one that is still some ways from being resolved. Even as digital technology makes a greater and greater impact on all our everyday lives, the fact is that traditional means of getting information remain quite common and show no signs of going away, even as digital media grows more popular. Whether it’s the acquisition of news, specialized information or seeking entertainment, more and more people are turning towards digital media for their purposes, and marketers are quickly trying to keep pace with the emergent technologies. Traditional media, however, is not dead yet, all claims of its borderline irrelevance aside.

Of course, defining digital marketing against traditional advertising is a task that must first be undertaken. Digital marketing is considered any form of marketing done over high technology digital mediums. Other than that, the field of digital marketing is continually evolving with each new innovation in the fields of electronic technology, whether it’s social media, blogging, viral marketing, affiliate marketing or advertising over the every increasing number of devices that can connect to the internet. With the right programming, digital marketing also offers improved capabilities to engage with customers, from interactive advertising to the opportunity for customers or even ordinary viewers to have a say in your company’s products or development of its brand.

traditional advertising is far more tangible. It encompasses all advertising not done over purely digital means, from print ads in publications such as magazines and newspapers, to commercials on the older mediums of television and radio. It also encompasses a wider variety of printed material, ranging from brochures or poster campaigns, as well as the omnipresent billboards that dot the landscapes and cityscapes of the modern world. However, and this distinction can be quite important for some businesses, traditional advertising also includes the practices of networking, and while some networking can be done over the internet, by and large the most effective networking is done in person, oftentimes topped off by a printed business card that serves as a reminder of the impact a person made on a potential client.

The main difficulty in both kinds of marketing is of course getting people to pay attention. Whether it’s online or on the road, the fact is that people are getting numb to all forms of advertising, and getting people’s attention in the first place is the most important element of any form of marketing and advertising. Eye catching graphics, cleverly worded slogans and a prominent position in a sea of advertising is as important to digital advertising as it is to traditional advertising, so skimping on either one can spell the doom of an advertising campaign. However, even this is not a surefire recipe for success, as the markets and the people who make them up are very seldom predictable. While there is a small amount of scientific research indicating what human beings will pay attention to, the fact is human beings are difficult to predict, making drawing a bead on what will get their attention difficult for even the best marketer.

That said, there are some advantages to each type of marketing. While traditional advertising is more expensive and near impossible to measure its effectiveness, it is among the best ways to reach a local audience and engage a specific community. Digital Markting on the other hand is cheaper and can allow the audience to interact with the advertising, but takes a very scattershot approach. While this may not be a problem for large, multinational corporations, smaller companies may need a more focused method of reaching their customers.

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