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Ethical SEO Operating Practices

What Are Ethical SEO Operating Methods?

When you attempt to do search engine optimization, there are ethical concerns to consider. You want to make sure that you are using strategies that are considered white hat, techniques that will not get you into trouble with the search engine algorithms. They are constantly looking for people that are trying to gain their system which can occur if you are using strategies that are not acceptable. These are often referred to as black hat strategies, ones that are designed to fool the search engine algorithms into ranking your website higher than it should be. Here is an overview of what ethical SEO operating methods actually are so that you will know what to do is you are trying to properly optimize your website.

Basic White Hat Strategies

These strategies are considered by almost everyone to be the primary strategies that you should use in order to improve your search engine positioning without raising any red flags. These strategies include using unique content that you have written, or that you have paid someone to write, content that will be regarded by the search engine algorithms as something worthy of higher rankings. It is a good idea to interlink all of the pages on your website, allowing you to look more relevant to the algorithms after the search engine spiders have come and gone. You should embed videos that you have personally created, or ones that you have found on YouTube, to add more relevance to your content. You should also add images, which is a given if you are selling multiple products from your website. Finally, you need to link out to authority websites that are currently ranking at the number one position, or at least on the first page of Google, for keywords that you are also trying to rank for on the web. Finally, there are off-site optimization strategies that you should use which essentially come down to building links that are pointing to your website. These should be done manually, or through some type of exchange that you do with other webmasters, that would be willing to link to your website naturally. For consultants that do white hat strategies check out our friends at Sunshine Coast SEO



What Are Black Hat Strategies?

There are two specific black hat strategies that you should always avoid. These are actually the worst ones that you can use, techniques that will create red flags every time. For on-site strategies, you should never use PLR content, or content that has been used by other people, unless you are using the content in reference with original content that you have created. The second black hat strategy that is the most common is to use a link building service which will either build links for you all over the web, or you can buy links on different websites. All of these strategies will be found out at some point in time, and once the search engines recognize what you have done, they will either lower your rankings or completely the index your website.

Best Strategies To Use For 2016

Although all of the white hat strategies that have been presented are very good, and are used by reputable webmasters and search engine optimization experts worldwide, there is one particular strategy that is becoming more useful every day. It has to do with link building, and it is something that you will need to do on social media platforms. Whether you have a Facebook page, or a Twitter page, posting links on these social media sites pointing to your websites is one of the best strategies that you can use. Not only do the search engine algorithms search for links on these websites when initially determining the popularity and relevance of new content, but your posts can be shared and therefore provide you with vital links that will show up all over the social media platforms. You are in essence taking advantage of the natural occurrence of sharing post that people like, and by doing so, create an automated link building campaign. As long as your post is worth sharing, you could get hundreds or thousands of links pointing to your website, or individual webpages on your site, helping them to rank in the search engines.

By simply using white hat strategies, and also implementing techniques that utilize social media platforms, you should have no problem at all improving your position on the search engines using these strategies that are completely aboveboard. By eliminating or avoiding black cat strategies that we have mentioned, you will not be targeted or black labeled by the search engines, and will have the best chance of achieving top rankings. The key to your success with search engine optimization is to always use ethical SEO operating methods, and these white hat strategies will certainly help you improve your positioning online.