Monthly Archives: September 2016

Top 2016 SEO Trends

The first tendency you’ll notice in 2016 is when it comes to Search Engine Optimization that firms are focusing on more than just Google.

Another focus that’s a 2016 Search Engine Optimization trend is social media searches. Unlike preceding years finding services and products via social media is growing by the hour. What this means is you need a powerful social media effort so that you can attain results online and combine that with the other significant features of your social media campaign in 2016.

Local search engine optimization is another 2016 Search Engine Optimization tendency that’s going in 2016 to take center stage. Businesses are rallying to ensure they tick all the boxes since Google introduced their Local Search Engine Optimization algorithm. What this means is ensuring your business name’s presence and placement on the google search results. By focusing on additional keywords and putting your address on every web page, you’ll help Google understand your brand better. In order to make headway with local Search Engine Optimization remember to signup for a Google account to attain success and to register with as many online directories as possible.

Then you’ll discover that 2016 just isn’t technical. You will discover that 2016 is about the information. 2016 will find the quality of content playing with a greater job in SEO, so ensure that you’ve got first-class quality content which is fascinating and educational and brings customers to your own website daily.

Ultimately, you will discover that the last Search Engine Optimization marketing trend for 2016 is directed at the mobile telephone user with no surprise there. More individuals are relying on their mobile devices before and for businesses to succeed online you must consider these users. Google is rewarding firms that create a mobile friendly web-site that’s user-friendly and take the initiative. You can make it user-friendly by enlarging the buttons and providing a name, address, telephone, and directions on a map